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Vision Artificial Industrial

Artificial vision systems provide machines with the ability to differentiate and catalogue products according to the shape, colour, position and even to analyse their three-dimensional surface or the internal density in search for anomalies or contamination.

Our artificial vision systems allow irregular-shaped elements to be catalogued and sorted at high speed. Particularly suitable for the food industry. We are constantly provided with the latest technology in the field of artificial intelligence.

Traditional systems allowed us to detect irregularities in homogeneous and perfectly shaped elements (for example, mechanical parts). Currently, our development allows us to classify heterogeneous and irregular elements such as fish, vegetables, packed products, etc.

The increasingly accessible X-ray and laser 3D vision technology allows us to broaden the horizons for application to different sectors.

vision artificial aplicaciones
3D laser vision

Inclined laser emission helps determine the objective volume when analysing the camera lines associated to it.

Our main applied experience focusses on

  • Classification by type and size
  • Automatic quality control
  • Identification: (shapes, colours, textures, brightness, graphic and alphanumeric codes, etc.)
  • Identification of impurities inside products, even inside metal containers
  • Detection of damages, cracks or imperfections in packages or laminated products.
proyectos vision artificial

Machine for the quality control of canned tuna package, it finds gaps and stains that deteriorate quality and image of the product.

robot automatizacion

Fish sorting machine by size and species