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Traceability is known as the group of procedures ensuring the follow-up of products or batches of products throughout the supply chain.

In each point of this chain, a record shall be kept ensuring the origin and handling of each product. Information will be added to this record until reaching the end consumer.
Since January 2005, the European Union regulations require such traceability. Our company provides the required elements for this control. In this case, technology helps reduce the human error by reading, recording and printing codes automatically. The warehouse area benefits from these systems allowing for detailed control of pallets, products and raw material and facilitating location and position for further shipping.

empresas automatización y robótica industrial
empresas automatización y robótica industrial

We specialise in the following systems to meet the latest industry standards:

  • Labelling of items, boxes and pallets with EAN13, EAN14 and EAN128 coding.
  • Automatic label applicators on one or several sides of the package.
  • Online verification of generated codes.
  • Linking of the existing computer systems with the labelling machines and readers.
  • Assembly of strategically positioned terminals to enter and search information.
  • Significant reduction in paper lists. Consequently, reduction in interpreting error rates.
  • Remote information screens, warehouse situation boards in real time.
control de calidad en procesos de producción

It is important to carry out a preliminary study, which will determine the operational performance best suited to your company. This study will also determine the necessary devices and installations. Our aim is to offer a workable and comprehensive solution able to adapt the existing systems to the new ones and achieve a robust performance of the unit.


formato de control de produccion

Our experience covers operator terminals, mobile terminals for forklifts, bar code readers (autonomous and manual), Tag recorders and readers for RFID, supply online printing equipment, different-size labelling, dynamic weighing systems, wireless weighing machines, etc.