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Production control

In a system for the automated control of a production line, the following are displayed in real time and for each operator:

  • Net production
  • Producción bruta
  • Performance
  • Presence time
  • Productivity

Production data obtained may be processed for upload and integration with the existing management computer system. To do that, we customise the interface program that processes the data to meet the required format.

control de calidad en procesos de producción
control de lineas de produccion

In the example, we have also installed and integrated the following elements: :

  • Identification readers of workers in their workplace through radiofrequency cards to calculate the presence time.
  • Electric panel with PLC to control automatisms, communication with the control PLC with monitoring and diagnostic functions.
  • Static weighing machine and code readers for weighing and identification, respectively. Boxes of gross and net product are controlled.
  • Dynamic weighing machine for weighing and automatic sorting of finished product (net weight) packages, also linked to the PLC for recording the individual production of each operator.
  • The computer system consists of an industrial PC for data acquisition, display of the state of production instantly, and obtaining production and statistics reports from any PC connected to the computer network.
  • Integration with the customer’s computer systems for traceability and costing and output for each batch and lot.


  • Data filtering by multiple concepts simultaneously. (period of time, items, operators, batches, etc).
  • Grouping, subtotalling and totalling details by multiple concepts simultaneously. Obtaining evolution statistics and graphics.
  • Report export to multiple standard formats (Excel, databases, PDF, Html, XML, etc…)
  • Synchronisation and file alignment with already existing computer systems.
  • Use and exploitation of existing database servers (Oracle, SQL Server, My Sql, PostGreSQL, etc.).
  • Integration with ERP systems (SAP, etc…)
  • Monitoring and management utilities in real time con sistemas ERP (SAP, etc…)
  • Utilidades de monitorización y gestión a tiempo real in Wi-Fi wireless units, such as PDA, tablet PC (PocketPC, Palm…). Particularly suitable for production monitoring in real time by the control staff on-site.