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Process controls can be divided in three well-defined parts:

Firstly, the acquisition of the process data is made. It is essential to have high quality probes that allow us to obtain actual values with the least possible distortion.

Data obtained by each probe, whether they relate to temperature, humidity, pressure, flow, level, pH, etc. should be transmitted by means reducing electromagnetic disturbances of industrial environments.

Depending on the application and analysing each specific case, we have different solutions for this purpose, normal wiring, twisted pair cabling and even wireless links.

Secondly, we consider such data processing. We generally carry out this process or control through controllers, which can be associated to an industrial or desktop computer (depending on the environment aggressivity), where such information is processed for further statistics, report printing or process monitoring in real time.  As a machine/human interface, we also use other devices such as information screens, remote terminals, keyboards or standard pushbuttons.

When data have been processed, parameters to apply to actuators are generated: hydraulic valves, pneumatic valves, electrical resistors, motors, etc. In this way, the third point is completed, which is the part that physically controls the process.

control de lineas de produccion

By optimising these three points, we manage to efficiently control different processes. We have a wide experience in these areas. Here are some control systems we have installed:

  • Comprehensive control of autoclaves, computer management
  • Glazing systems
  • Brine freezing control
  • Computerised monitoring of tuna-like fish boilers, PID control
  • Scalding machines and anchovy process lines
  • Level monitoring system for supply tanks
  • Dosing of liquid medium
  • Inline drying systems
  • Ovens and shrink-wrapping machines
  • Basin-boiling systems
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