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La robótica tiene un papel muy importante en la automatización industrial

Our company uses this technology whether in arm form for a specific process or robotic arms.

  • These systems have important advantages due to their versatility.
  • The machine can be reconfigured just by changing the program.
  • Exceptionally long useful life.
  • Little maintenance is needed.

Some of our machines are fitted with servomotors for extremely accurate movement and speed.

Generally, these machines are multiformat, which means that motion can be adapted to any kind of product and modifications to distance and time are easily selectable from a touch screen or computer. Operation is carried out by a robot to control the machine positions and sequences.

The packing machine on the left is an example of the above mentioned. We have control options to box any product by using magnetic grippers or vacuum grippers, as the case may be.


Robotised packing machine

Used for packing metal and glass cans in a wide variety of boxes. Positioning is highly accurate and fast thanks to the use of servomotors when moving. Most of the format changes are made from a touch screen.

These are some of the machines that use robotics, whether in the form of linear arms, special heads or 4 or 6-shaft robotic arms.

  • Palletisers and stackers for boxes
  • Carboard-box forming machine
  • Robots for labelling on boxes and pallets on one or two sides
    palletisers and depalletisers for cans
  • Sorter
  • Online product handling
  • Manipulación de productos en línea.
  • Robotic cells
  • Product packing, with or without spacers